Eastern Manitoba Concert Association


Scholarships are presented by EMCA.

$500 Post-Secondary Music Award

One award of $500 is to be presented annually to a qualified, graduating student from the School District of Whiteshell or the Sunrise School Division in Eastern Manitoba to assist in his/her pursuit of a post-secondary education in a musical field. The application deadline is 2019 June 7.

International Music Camp Bursary/(s)

One award of up to $500 is to be awarded annually to assist Junior or Senior High School students from the School District of Whiteshell or the Sunrise School Division in Eastern Manitoba in attending the International Music Camp at the Manitoba/North Dakota Peace Gardens for a one week session. The application deadline is 2019 May 24.

The EMCA Awards Committee's decision is final and if there are no suitable candidate(s), no award will be presented.

Application Instructions

  1. Applicants for the Post-Secondary Music Award must perform an audition, either singing or playing a musical instrument. Record the performance and upload the file to an online streaming service of their choice (YouTube, SoundCloud, DropBox, Google Drive, etc). Audition recordings are not required for International Music Camp Bursary applicants.
  2. The Applicant must write an application letter describing their musical background, musical training, relevant awards received, post-secondary music school accepted by/applied to, the use of their talent within the community, and any other information in support of the application. Letters should be provided in MS Word or PDF Format. (Please note that applicants must provide a copy of Letter of Acceptance to their chosen post-secondary school before final awarding of prize, but it is not neccesary when applying for EMCA's scholarship.)
  3. The applicant should fill in the form below to apply for the EMCA scholarship. Fill in all the fields, attach the letter of application and provide a link to the audition performance.
  4. The applicant should also provide a letter of reference from their music teacher. Reference letters should be emailed to gailshillinglaw@gmail.com, to be received by 2019 June 7.


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